“Optimal players care” – cooperation between professional and physical therapist in golf instruction

The workshop, "Optimal players care" shows how cooperation between a golf instructor/coach and a physical therapist can be beneficial in golf training, and provide deeper insights into the functions of the human body in golf..  Each participant will be coached by our physiotherapist Joerg Klement (www.rehaplus.com) and Christian Neumaier. They are examined and, based on the knowledge gained,  customized training plans with appropriate exercises are established. Possible backlashes and optimizing measures are explained in detail. The workshop optimizes your movement according to your physical conditions/abilities, reducing stress, pain and improving performance. 

High-speed video analysis of your golf motion
Functional analysis of various golf exercises and drills
Analysis of mechanical deficiencies and physical deficits
Functional analysis physiotherapist / exercise plan exercises +
Functional training with each participant tailored to their needs
Coaches:   Christian Neumaier / Joerg Klement (physiotherapist)
Upon request
PGA Professionals, 4 persons
Workshop fee:   € 450,- p.P.
Workshop Location:  
Golfclub Beuerberg
Gut Sterz
82547 Beuerberg
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